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The word “Adoption” in the name of our organization means individual sponsorship and financial support to the lonely  and desperately needy elder people. 

22/04/16 14:19, Bishkek – IA «», Anastasiya Bengrad

Imagine for a moment your future old ages… It will be qiet, interesting and wealthy? At that rate you are lucky! Most of the elderly citizens of Kyrgyzstan is waiting for a sad existence.

How to live on little money

There are 634 thousand pensioners in our country, 450 thousand of them are old age pensioners.The average pension money is only 4 thousand 817 soms. This payments are less than a living wage. And more than 50 percent pensioners are receive pension money less than a living wage. If they have caring children and grandchildren - it's very well. But how many old people living alone in our country? Read more:






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